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SedonaPhoto © Steve Byland

PICTURE IT: Comfy Sedona AZ lodging, with a view like this… This Sedona photo is part of the wide vista that encircles my particular residential community. A neighborhood which also offers some (pet friendly) vacation rentals. So this could be your view too!

Sedona Lodging - Something For Everyone

There are more than 100 lodging venues in Sedona AZ. Yippee!
But, goodness… with so many options… how do you choose?

This page is designed to make it easy for you to discover just what you're looking for. Even if you don't know exactly what that is, yet… to find…

Your Stay… YOUR Way

Sedona Lodging. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

Sedona accommodations of all types are near great sights. Stand anywhere on Sedona, AZ land and you'll enjoy the scenery.

But you can find the sweetest of all Sedona Lodging spots and your own most unforgettably great Sedona AZ vacation, with a little in-the-know guidance.

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List Of Top 9 Unique Sedona Hotels Finds

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Sedona Bed and Breakfast | High-End Hotels in Sedona

Sedona Arizona Vacation Homes | Name Brand Ways to Stay

Budget Motels, Inns & Discount Hotels Sedona

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Sedona's prime lodging possibilities…

What's YOUR Idea of Heavenly?

Sedona AZ Lodging. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

From world class luxury… to more affordable upscale… to excellent budget values
Sedona lodging really does offer it all. Look in the right places, and you can find a perfect fit. So, what's your accommodation aspiration?

Would you like a romantic hideaway? A kid-friendly place, for big family fun?

Maybe you're looking for a quiet, soul-nourishing retreat… or you'd like to be right where the action is, to meet locals, and Sedona AZ vacation lovers from all over the world.

Looking for a girl's spa getaway? Sedona golf resort, or tennis haven? How about walking out your remote cabin door and right into a hiking adventure?


This site aims to show you where and how to find the kind of experience you'll love. And you can count on our opinions to be fairly objective. Our Picks Lists are pure.

We only include what we like… things we recommend to our own friends and family… Info and insights we hope you can benefit from too. We don't accept any money for listings.

The Range Of Sedona Lodging Options

Lodging Sedona AZ. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

Unique finds include private Sedona Arizona vacation rentals, with both high-end and discount possibilities. And secluded Sedona cabins, with wood burning fireplaces, and very private outdoor areas.

Sedona© Alexey Stiop | Click photo for larger view.
Or, perhaps you'll enjoy a warm homestyle welcome at a locally owned Sedona Bed and Breakfast. There are over 30 B & B's from which to choose.

Maybe you'd like to be pampered at one of the fine villas of Sedona. Some of these are real stand outs (would you like a fireplace... in your bathroom?!!).

Locals love to recommend Sedona cabins, B & B's, villas and rentals to people looking for the most personalized or nature-inspired vibe.

Of course, you can find plenty of tried and true Sedona lodging options as well. Like some familiar name-brand motels and hotels in Sedona. Plus some exquisite, and truly world class Sedona resorts and privately owned hotels.

Top 5 Picks For Truly World Class Lodging In Sedona.

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El Portal Sedona | Enchantment Resort Sedona

LAuberge de Sedona Cabins and Resort Lodge

Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa | Adobe Grand Villas of Sedona

World Class… Really?

Sedona Arizona Lodging. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

World Class… Goodness, these words are thrown around a lot on travel sites. I wouldn't blame you, if you've become numb to the phrase. So what's the real story?

Well, the surrounding scenery alone likely elevates Sedona's standings.

But, did you know, Sedona Lodging includes…


This is one third of ALL top Arizona vacations venues.

An impressive record, especially when you consider how small the area is.

Little Town, Big Story, Your Story

Sedona Lodging. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

On the map, Sedona is a tiny little spec of a town. All this extraordinary lodging life can be found within a driving distance of less than 20 miles.

It's completely encircled by stunning Red Rock monoliths and mountains. Adjacent to the lush green of Oak Creek Canyon. In, and surrounded by huge expanses of forest land.

SedonaArizona Cardinal | © Howard Cheek
Click photo for larger view.
And all-things-Sedona mingle harmoniously with the bountiful --often gregarious-- wild life. The animals know this is their home, but they don't seem shy about sharing it with us.


Sedona is quaint and cosmopolitan. It's populated by about 17,000 (greater area) people, and receives about FOUR MILLION visitors every year.

So. Apparently, the beginning of the true story is… yes, many do agree… Sedona is a "diamond" in the first class rough.

But don't just take the world's word for it… Come for a stay and experience this heavenly splendor for yourself. Come alive in your own real Sedona story.

Our Idea of Heavenly?

Sedona AZ Lodging. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

Perhaps you’ll agree too... It’s more than just a bed. And with this guide, we hope you'll easily find your kind of comfy-cozy, happy Sedona lodging… and maybe… even more than you imagined possible.

You get the idea, yes? This best of Sedona, AZ lodging = All kinds of atmospheres to meet your particular needs and ideals.

Wonderful Journey

Here's wishing you extraordinary travel experiences! If home is where the heart is, then we hope you feel happily at home when you visit Sedona AZ. And always…

"...put yourself into a picture of bright and happy expectations..."

- Norman Vincent Peale

Full List of Favorite Sedona Lodging By Name:

Lodging Sedona AZ. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

Lodging In Sedona Arizona. Sedona Cabins. Sedona Hotels. Sedona Resorts. Sedona Arizona Hotels.

We hope you'll accept a big ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE for your interest in this Sedona Lodging Guide and in our beloved hometown. YOU are the reason exists.



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