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SedonaChapel of the Holy Cross | Photo © Snehit Design

We Love The Sedona Trolley Tours.
What A Sweet And Scenic $12 Treat!

A trolley tour is an easy-going and affordable way to get a sense of what's available around town. Taking the Sedona Trolley is on just about everybody's lists of the best things to do in Sedona AZ.

For $12 (or less), you can get a good overview of where things are, how they look, and why they might be interesting to you.

The glorious Sedona picture above gives a glimpse of the kind of views you can enjoy along the way, especially if you take this tour in the golden sunset hours, when the Red Rocks seem almost to glow from within.

Chapel of the Holy Cross is a very popular stop for visitors of all faiths (and atheists too). When our friends and family visit, we locals love to bring them here. The surrounding vistas are astounding.

A nice feature of the Sedona trolley escort: You will be spared you from the crowded parking lot challenge.



…with a narrated, visual story. Cruise around with our locally owned and operated Sedona Trolley Tour.

Sedona tourism experts recommend you do this early during your visit to get ideas for how to enjoy the rest of your time.

There are two kinds of tours:

A. The Hightlights tour cruises along the south side of town, through the Galleries District and along a winding scenic road, dotted with unique points of interest. It stops at a famous (all-denominations-welcome) chapel, from which the views are spectacular. It also introduces you to the charm of Tlaquepaque (a lovely arts & crafts village).

B. The Seven Canyons tour takes you through the “less touristy” west side (where I live) and continues to a an area, just outside of town, where the vistas are even broader. There are two stops (great photo opportunities).

Take an early evening departure for views with hues of the sunset light.

Your announcer will include info on Sedona's history and nature, too. Plus tips for enjoying the trails and other things to do in Sedona. And you can expect great (award winning) customer-focused service, all the way.

Both of these popular Sedona AZ tours last about an hour. You can save a few dollars if you take them both. And it’s only half-price for kids.

EXTRA TIP: You can also take the Sedona Roadrunner trolley to look around, and later, to get around. It's not narrated, but it's FREE. Just jump on at any stop with a Roadrunner sign. Click here to see the Sedona Arizona Map: RoadRunner Route.

Sedona Tourism - Things To Do In Sedona


Here's hoping this guide helps you orient yourself well… Until then (and anyway) enjoy the ride!

"I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way."

- Carl Sandburg

Sedona Tourism - Things To Do In Sedona


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Sedona Highlights

Tour Departure Points and Times

Uptown Depot
10am • 12noon • 2pm • 4pm

Hyatt Pinon Pointe
10am • 12noon • 2pm • 4pm

Los Abrigados
10:05am • 12:05pm • 2:05pm • 4:05pm

10:10am • 12:10pm • 2:10pm • 4:10pm

Chapel of the Holy Cross
10:40am • 12:40pm • 2:40pm • 4:40pm
Stops for 15-20 minutes.

Hillside Sedona
10:50am • 12:50pm • 2pm • 4pm

Return to Uptown Depot
10:55am • 12:55pm • 2:55pm • 4:55pm

Click here to see the Highlights route (Sedona AZ Maps, Trolley)

Seven Canyons

Sedona Trolley Tour Departure Points and Times

Uptown Depot
9am • 11am • 1pm • 3pm • 5pm

Hyatt Pinon Pointe
9am • 11am • 1pm • 3pm • 5pm

Hampton Inn
9:05am • 11:05am • 1:05pm • 3:05pm • 5:05pm

9:35am • 11:35am • 1:35pm • 3:35pm • 5:35pm

Return to Uptown Depot
9:55am • 11:55am • 1:55pm • 3:55pm • 5:55pm

Click here to see the Seven Canyons Route (Sedona Arizona Map, Trolley)

NOTE: From November 1st through January 31st, there are no 5pm departures.

Sedona Trolley
276 Hwy 89A
Sedona (Uptown)

Sedona Tourism - Things To Do In Sedona

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