Sedona AZ Land - A Visual Introduction

Welcome To Sedona AZ Land - The Ultimate Amusement Park
Designed by Mother Nature Herself

4 Favorite Videos & A Mini-Slideshow of The Critters

Red Rock Sedona Scenery
Plus Geology, Native American Culture, History & Greenery

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Welcome to the emerald and evergreen desert forest. To cacti and bushes, with rainbow-vibrant blooms. With unlimited hues of vast sky blues. Where golden sun bathed earth radiates deep shades of orange… honey-russet… and cinnamon.

Welcome to the WILDLIFE

…who don't seem at all shy about sharing their home with us.

Welcome to a land that is often called both the most beautiful place in America and also the spiritual capital of the United States. Welcome to our beloved hometown… and to the scenic playground of more than 4 million visitors each year.

Welcome to the former home of Mr. Walt Disney, who created fantasy wonder-worlds inspired by the reality that is… Sedona. A Disneyworld theme ride, for example, bears the name of Red Rock Sedona's Thunder Mountain.

SedonaThunder Mountain Is The Highest Red Rock Peak on Sedona AZ Land © Lee Everette Robinson

We hope you'll consider this page an invitation to celebrate, and to come visit Sedona AZ… come and join us for a while amid the Red Rock Sedona splendor.


Following, you'll find 4 videos… for a good visual overview of the kind of scenery you can enjoy when you visit Sedona AZ land… Ready to get the goodness? Scroll on… Or…

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Red Rock Sedona Extravaganza (Music & Still Shots).

The Greener Side of Sedona (Music & Video).

Narrated Video Story of Native American Culture.

Narrated Photo Journal of How The Red Rocks Came To Be.

NOTE: For those who might not know… If you'd like to see each show in FULL SCREEN, click the "four-arrows" icon at the bottom right side of the screen frame. Then, to exit full-screen-mode, press "esc" on your keyboard and return to this page for the next videos of Sedona AZ land.

Video I - Collaboration by Sedona AZ Lovers

Following is a video that has been put together by our friends at Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc., a group of dedicated volunteers who educate, advocate, and even get their hands a little dirty --"litter lifting"-- so we can all continue to enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of Sedona AZ land. Thanks KSB!

In true "share-it-forward" fashion, the Sedona pictures you are about to see were contributed by all kinds of Sedona enthusiasts during 2007 & 2008 when KSB hosted a contest. The synergy is impressively spirited!

Video: Edited by Stephen DeVol

Soundtrack: Adiemus by Karl Jenkins

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Video II - Sedona Rocks! And It's More Than Just Red

Here's some footage of the greener side of Sedona AZ land. See mountain views, open fields, aerials and, yes, of course, Red Rocks too.

Enjoy lots of West Fork video and various Sedona activities glimpses like mountain biking Sedona and hiking trails.

You'll also see a playful segment on the buzz of Uptown, Sedona, the most populated tourism area in town. If you like what you see, you can have a look at some sweet Sedona lodging choices in these areas by clicking on any of the links the are right after the video screen.

Video Contributed by Surfroseman

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Uptown offers a wide variety of Sedona AZ restaurants and cafés. Plus, some Sedona art galleries and lots Sedona AZ shopping. This is also a convenient place for catching a Sedona Trolley or meeting with Sedona AZ tours.

Oak Creek Canyon is where you'll find Sedona camping and most of the Cabins in Sedona AZ.

Interested in Sedona AZ lodging in Uptown and Oak Creek Canyon? Click any of the following links to see more. Or… scroll on for the next video discovery.

Uptown Lodging Sedona AZ:

Amara Resort and Spa ($$$) | L'Auberge de Sedona ($$$+)

Best Western Inn of Sedona - Roble Arroyo ($$)

The Orchards Inn ($$)

Sedona Cabins in Oak Creek (Just North of Uptown):

Briar Patch Inn Sedona Cabins & Cottages ($$+)

Canyon Wren Sedona Cabins ($$+) | Garlands Sedona Cabins ($$$)

Forest Houses Resort Cabins ($+)

Junipine Resort Villas & Cabins In Sedona AZ ($$+)

Video III - Honoring The Native American Presence

The following video is an except from The Natural Wonders of Sedona, a video produced by our local television channel 16, Red Rock TV.

Play this video for an introduction to Native American culture and history in the area. See some of the remains of former communities and views of sacred and scenic places.

Video by Red Rock TV Local Channel 16

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Video IV - How The Red Rocks Came To Be

For those of you who are interested in knowing about the geology of the area, here's a narrated photo journal with a gently delivered kind of history lesson.

Robert Jackson tells the story (his voice reminds me of Dad's) while various photos by Carl Jackson are displayed. Thank you gentlemen. Your love for Sedona AZ land is apparent in this informative audio-visual gift you've offered for all to enjoy.

Contributed by Mr. Carl Jackson and Mr. Robert Jackson

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We hope you'll accept a big ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE for your interest in this guide and in our beloved hometown. YOU are the reason exists.



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