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With a touch of in-the-know guidance, you can find the perfect fit for your Sedona AZ vacation aspirations. This page aims to make it easy for you to find your kind of happy touring when you visit Sedona AZ.

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Favorite Sedona Arizona Tours.

Featured On This Page: The GPS & Video Tour

Sedona AZ is a touring wonderland. You'll find visual splendor at every turn. The ways to explore Sedona AZ land are endless, including both guided and unguided jaunts.

And…an interesting middle way: A GPS rental option!

Rent A GPS Tour Guide For Under $30 A Day?

Favorite Sedona AZ Tours.

Taking Sedona tours with your own GPS guide lets you navigate on your own while an expertly narrated video plays the info you choose when and where you choose. We love this option and highly recommend it.

Check out the following video to see if this might be a good fit for you:

Narrated by John Conway
Produced by Red Rock TV (Local) Channel 16

Benefits of Sedona AZ Tours With A GPS Rental

Favorite Sedona Arizona Tours.

The GPS Sedona Tours rental is great for finding Red Rock Sedona fun and discovering a multitude of Sedona activities and attractions. You can make your way to historical and sacred Native American sites… to Sedona vortex spots… museums… and some of the most glorious scenery in the area.

With this explore-on-your-own option, you can stop to rest and refresh whenever you like, at any of the many Sedona restaurants and cafés.

"Freestyle" your way through your day. Stop for shopping when something catches your eye… pull over to take unhurried Sedona pictures --really good ones-- that you can share with friends a family and keep as cherished memories.

Update, Note & Tip

Favorite Sedona Arizona Tours.

UPDATE: The full-day rental price for this is now $27 per day, not $25 like the video says.

NOTE: If you'd like to add this video to your blog or web page, grab the code above. Thanks Red Rock TV.

By the way, we don't receive any money for recommending this nifty Sedona tours gadget. We suggest it simply because we think it's a good value.

TIP: When you're in the area, you can turn your television on to Red Rock TV's channel 16 to see shows of interest for visitors.

Where To Pick Up A Portable Tour Guide

Sedona Tourism. Favorite Sedona AZ Tours.

The official Visitor's Center in Uptown Sedona is where you can rent your electronic tour guide. You can also pick up a free map, buy a Red Rock pass (for parking at parks areas) and maybe a SuperPass (coupon book) too.

Visitor Information Center
331 Forest Road
Sedona, AZ (Uptown)
800-288-7336 | 928-282-7722

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