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When you visit Sedona AZ, a trip to the official Visitor's Center can start you well on your way to finding YOUR kind of enjoyable Sedona activities.

Is this "touristy?" Yup. …in a really good way… Offering beneficial stuff for everyone… from tour groups to hard core bohemian backpackers… happy retirees to grumpy teenagers… wedding parties to families on a Sedona AZ vacation… etc.

This is why it's one of our Top 10 Tips for things to do in Sedona.

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…to the possibilities. There are visitor’s centers all over, but we recommend the official one because it has the greatest resources and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.


You can find maps and get directions. Ask about what’s currently going on in town (festivals, events, performances). Plus pick up a free copy of Kudos -The Good Life, our weekly "things to do" publication.

You can purchase a Red Rock Pass ($5 daily, $15 weekly, $20 - 40 annual). And invest $8 in a SuperPass for hundreds of savings offers around town (excellent value, highly recommended).

You'll find good insights for guided tours, and for the unguided things to do in Sedona as well.

SedonaVisitor's Center on the corner of Hwy 89A and Forest Road.

Here's something else you can find. Another option for being led well into the heart of Sedona: The Portable GPS & Video Guide.

We LOVE this, and highly recommend it for people who would like to enjoy and get to know the area, on their own terms, in their own time.

For under $30 a day, you can rent this nifty electronic presentation. You can pick one up, here, at the Visitor's Center.

Sound interesting? You can watch a short video for more on Sedona AZ Tours with GPS, by clicking here.


The official Visitor's Center staff includes volunteers who do what they do just for the love of it (not for a commission). So, to get easy-going, in-person answers, when you visit Sedona AZ, ask these folks:

Visitor Information Center
331 Forest Road
Sedona, AZ (Uptown)
800-288-7336 | 928-282-7722
Open Monday - Saturday 8:30 am to 5 pm
Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

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Ultimately, with a bit of in-the-know guidance, we hope you will find some of your best-ever travel experiences while you're in Sedona. Introduce yourself to the possibilities. Then find your probabilities

"…probability is the very guide of life."

- Joseph Butler

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