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SEDONA RESTAURANTS In Sedona, locals and visitors love to talk about favorite Sedona AZ restaurants. Get the full scoop: Picks, prices, reviews, menu samplings. A bounty of deliciously useful info about the best of restaurants in Sedona Arizona. Restaurants abound in this town.

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SedonaPhoto © Elena Moiseeva

From 4-star-fine to franchise "fast," the food in Sedona can satisfy just about every pallet.

Wherever you happen to be standing on Sedona AZ land, there's likely a good restaurant nearby. Probably a bunch of them.

To make it as a restaurant in Sedona, even as a "cheap" eatery, the food has got to be really good.

Why? Because Sedona itself draws exceptional people to live in the area. So, our restauranteur standards are set by some truly talented, passionate, and financially able people.

SedonaPhoto © Dmitry Myakishev
You might think it's competitive. I guess, that's how a restaurant of average quality would experience things. But, then, it wouldn't be in business for very long.

More accurately, with food in Sedona, you'll find a synergistic vibe. One great idea leads to another. The menus evolve. The food and the décor stay fresh.

The people in Sedona who make food their business, are completely "into it"

…And, so, they deliver a variety of experiences that keep the clientele --vacationers and locals alike-- coming out… For dinner… And lunch… And breakfast…

For coffee, herbal teas, pastries, and snacks. For prepared picnics on-the-go…

You get the idea, yes? In Sedona, you won't go hungry… but you'll likely find satisfaction for more than just your appetite.

The Stand Out Qualities of Sedona Restaurants

SEDONA Restaurants In Sedona AZ. Restaurants Overview.

SedonaBest Red Rock View With Food? Shugrue's Hillside Is A Stand Out! | Photo Courtesy of © Shugrue's
At Sedona restaurants, you can find wonderful ways to gratify all you senses, according with your particular tastes.

Here is a look at some of the things you can enjoy at restaurants in Sedona Arizona.

Restaurants In Sedona AZ. Restaurants Overview.

Cafés & Outdoor Dining

  • Cafés and restaurants with open air dining during 3 seasons
    • With stunning Red Rock views
    • SedonaPatio © Heartline Café
    • Or on the lush green banks of Oak Creek
    • By a large open outdoor fireplace or fire pit
    • In a garden atmoshere, with graceful bamboo or vibrant flowers

The Finest Sedona Arizona Restaurants.

Fine Dining

Sedona Arizona Restaurants. Vegetarian Restaurants In Sedona.

Vegetarian Dining

  • An impressive variety of vegetarian offerings
    • As inclusions on Thai and Indian menus, for example
    • Or, all vegetarian eateries, where you can get great tasting meatless burgers, creative salads, soups, and flourless sweets
    • SedonaNatural Thai Food
      Photo © Pavalache Stelian
    • A delicious variety of vegan dishes
    • Vibrant live and raw dishes
    • Smoothies and high-power natural energy drinks

More Sedona Restaurant Options.

And Much More

  • You can find great steakhouses
  • Super fresh fish
  • SedonaChicken Kebab
    Photo © Serghei Starus
  • Down-to-Earth Bar & Grille venues
  • Intimately romantic bistros
  • Lodge-style gourmet creations
  • Comfy casual family restaurants
  • A few lively bars and nightclubs
  • Sandwich shops and pizzerias
  • A variety of International inspirations:
    • Mexican
    • Japanese
    • SedonaPhoto © Serghei Starus
    • Thai
    • Italian
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Korean
  • And... Classic American
  • Californian
  • And, of course, lots of Southwestern style influences

SEDONA Restaurants In Sedona AZ. Restaurants Overview.

Fast Food

  • And for those times when all you're hungry for is something intantly-fast, cheap, and familiar, you can find these franchises:
    • Burger King
    • Dairy Queen
    • SedonaIn Sedona The Golden Arches
      Have Gone Turquoise!
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken
    • McDonald's (look for the first-ever turquoise arches)
    • Subway Sandwiches
    • Quiznos
    • Dominos Pizza
    • Taco Bell (coming soon to West Sedona)


Restaurants In Sedona AZ. Sedona Restaurant Overview.

SedonaPanna | Photo © Serghei Starus
TIP: CALL AHEAD for a table on any weekend, and any day during "high-season," which starts in early Spring and runs though late Autumn. This applies to all the finest dining venues, and to most of the casually sophisticated places as well.

TIP: Most places welcome casual "vacation attire," but some of the finest Sedona restaurants do encourage "non-athletic" dress. Gentlemen will be more warmly welcomed in a collared shirt and slacks.

TIP: The variety of fine dining choices is very impressive for a town this size. And here's another sweet piece of news: The prices are far less than in bigger cities.


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