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Sedona Red Rock Pass - Some Need To Know Info For Your Sedona AZ Vacation - What It Is & How To Get It

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This page was created in response to your frequently asked question:

"Will you explain the Red Rock Pass to us?"

Sure. Basically, the pass is piece of paper that you buy and put in your vehicle when it's required for parking in lots that are located on National Forest areas of Sedona AZ land.

Where Is The Red Rock Pass Valid?

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The Red Rock Pass includes, and is valid for parking at ALL of the Coconino National Forest trailheads and parks areas around Sedona AZ and SOME participating State Parks areas.

Slide Rock, a very popular day use State Park, requires its own additional fee, currently about $8-$10 per vehicle, depending on the number of passengers. Bikes pay $2.

The following popular State Park areas…

Banjo Bill Picnic Area

Call O' The Canyon
(West Fork Trailhead)

Crescent Moon Area
(aka Red Rock Crossing)

Grasshopper Point Picnic and Swimming Area

…DO accept the Weekly and Grand Annual Red Rock Passes…

But DO NOT accept the Daily and Basic Annual passes.

USE: When you park in these areas, simply display the pass so it's easily visible from the windshield of your vehicle. Hang it from the rear view mirror, or mount it on the dash.

How To Get It

In Person, In Sedona: If you're coming in from the south, stop at the Forest Service center. If you're coming in from the north, stop by the Sedona tourism Visitor's center.

Click here for turn by turn directions to either (both) of these locations (on our main Sedona hiking page).

Online or By Phone, In Advance: You can also arrange to receive the pass by mail when you purchase it online or by phone: 928-203-2900.

What It Costs

Day Pass: $5

Week Pass: $15

Basic Annual Pass: $20

Grand Annual Pass: $40


TIP 1: If you're stopping for 15 minutes or less, for a quick perusal of the views, and maybe some photos, you don't need the pass.

TIP 2: Careful. There is a regular "patrol" that fines vehicles that are parked without a pass for longer than 15 minutes.

TIP 3: If you visit 2 or more national parks in a year, you might consider purchasing an "American The Beautiful Pass," currently about $80. You can buy it online, by clicking here, or, by phone at 888-275-8747

TIP 4: There are many other ways to get the pass once you're here. Lots of Sedona lodging venues sell them at cost as a convenience to their guests.

Also, there are self-serve machines from which the pass can be purchased.

List of Self-Serve Locations

If you're outing happens to begin at one of these popular locations…

Airport Saddle Trailhead

Back O' Beyond / Cathedral Rock Trailhead

Baldwin Trailhead

Bell Rock Pathway

Boynton Canyon Trailhead

Encinoso Area

Halfway Picnic Area

Huckaby Trailhead

Indian Gardens Visitor Center

Jim Thompson Trailhead

Little Horse Trailhead

Midgley Bridge Parking Lot

Palatki Parking Lot

Vultee Arch Trailhead

…you can skip the visitor's center and pick one up right before you begin.

Where The Money Goes

Your Red Rock Pass fees have a significant and very positive effect on Sedona AZ land and Coconino National Forest areas.

95% of the money you spend is kept locally and used for conservation work, recreational area enhancements, and maintenance of these "high impact" areas. It also supports environmental protection and the continuous improvements of visitor information.

As a Sedona local, I'd like to personally offer you some GRATITUDE. I love living in this natural wonderland. And your pass money is a big reason we can all keep on enjoying the beauty that is so well preserved here in Sedona Arizona. Cheers. You rock!

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