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Lots of folks, not just USA Today, consider Sedona AZ land "the most beautiful place in America."

And The Red Rock District of Coconino National Forest is devoted to keeping it that way.

What these folks accomplish often goes unnoticed. But, goodness, it is so very, very significant to the preservation of the natural wonders that draw about 4 million visitors to the area, each year. "High impact?" That's an understatement.

If you're interested in more specifics about what they do, click the link to their site at the end of this page. The short description? Preservation, conservation, maintenance, creation, rehabilitation and information. Whew!

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Why Visit the National Forest Service Center?

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All this makes it possible for Sedona AZ vacation lovers and locals to effortlessly experience a multitude of natural amazements.

Here's a look at how you can benefit from visiting the Service Center in the Village of Oak Creek.

The most common reason people stop at the Service Center is to buy a Red Rock Pass (click for more info), which is required for parking at the many Coconino National Forest areas.

But, then, once they're there, visitors are often extra-impressed by the new facility, which sports Red Rock views from its large windows, and, also, the wonderfully friendly, in-person, expert info that's available.

This Visitor Center is a great resource for getting to know the natural side of Sedona, and finding more out about the things you can enjoy, when you visit Sedona AZ land.

Resources & Ideas

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You can get info on the area's archaeology, botany, historically significant Native American sites, wildlife, and geology.

Get advice for how to stay safe and be fully prepared, as you venture out into the magnificent Red Rocks and Coconino National Forest areas.

If you have specific questions, like which hikes to do during a short stay, or perhaps, about the levels of difficulty or ease and the lengths of trails, the staff will offer you excellent insights and opinions.

Which trails are best for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding? They'll let you know. And, you can also find out which areas you can explore with your own vehicle, and which ones are so thrillingly bouncy, you'll enjoy them more with one of the local Sedona Jeep tours.

There's also some useful free stuff, like a the basic (but good) guide to Sedona hikes and the Sedona hiking trails map.

You can also buy more sophisticated maps there, if you like. Plus select books and other items of relevant interest.

Contact Info & Directions

Sedona© Red Rock District National Forest Ranger's Station
US Forest Service
Red Rock District
Coconino National Forest

8375 State Route 179
Sedona, AZ 86351 (VOC)

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NOTE: Formerly located on Brewer Rd. Here's how to find the current location:

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