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Map of Sedona Trolley Routes, Sedona Camping Sites, Sedona Hiking Trails, and More. A great series of easy-to-use Sedona Arizona Maps. GPS, Turn by Turn Directions, Scenic Areas, Arrivals. Featured Here: Sedona Trolley HIGHLIGHTS - Sedona Tours.

Map of Sedona Trolley HIGHLIGHTS Route

This Sedona AZ maps page shows a Sedona Trolley service route, one of many affordable ways to get oriented when you first arrive in Sedona. The Trolley offers two narrated tours.

Each lasts about an hour and costs $12. Here's a great way to enjoy Red Rock views and get ideas for Things to Do in Sedona during your visit.

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Sedona Trolley HIGHLIGHTS Tour Route

Sedona© Sedona Trolley

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Sedona AZ offers a FREE RoadRunner Trolley service too. Extra note: This Trolley offers free service to ALL participating Sedona Art Galleries during the monthly First Friday Events.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can click here for the Sedona Trolley Overview, including SCHEDULES.


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Wondering about the weather? Sedona monthly averages, detailed charts, current conditions, and the forecast… plus seasonal Sedona pictures. SEDONA ARIZONA WEATHER GUIDE.

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Sedona Trolley Route Map

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