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SedonaThe Gentleman Cowboy Room © Boots and Saddles B & B

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Wonderfully Personal Touches at Boots and Saddles

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SedonaThe Sacred Feather Room © Boots and Saddles B & B
Sam and Irith are the husband and wife team who own and run Boots and Saddles. You can tell they love what they do. Among the many Sedona bed and breakfast inns, this one is a real stand out for a down-to-earth, homestyle kind of stay.

Here, you'll find very considerate amenities and casually sophisticated style.

For four years in a row, the people, and Travel Advisor, have named Boots and Saddles THE Best Sedona Bed and Breakfast.

Each of their 6 rooms has a private entrance, a private deck, and a good Red Rock view.

You'll find Kiva fireplaces, wood and/or tile floors, and flat screen televisions. All with tasteful, western decoration. The bed linens are crisp and oh-so-very comfy.

The 2 course gourmet breakfast is generously proportioned. Very fresh, with lots of meat, if you like. Be sure to try the delectible homemade breads. And directly after breakfast, while you're still sitting at the table, you can be treated to excellent in-the-know insights for what to do and see.

My favorite Boots and Saddles offering is this: You can slip into your patio-jacuzzi for quiet star-gazing. And enjoy an ever closer look at the heavens with the telescope that has been thoughtfully provided.

SedonaEl Dorado Room Patio
© Boots and Saddles B & B
The owners' accessibility and highly personal touches (Sam's a chef and Irith is an interior designer) are likely what makes Boots and Saddles a favorite among Sedona AZ vacation lovers, who loyally return here again and again.

Rates per night, per couple are mid - high $200's. You can save about $25/day, by staying 3 nights or more.

Boots and Saddles Old West B&B
2900 Hopi Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336
928-282-1944 | 800-201-1944

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