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Following is a look at the kind of spiritually-focused treatments you can find at Enchantment Sedona. These three are our favorites.


SedonaPhoto © Marilyn Barbone
Enchantment Resort maintains a careful observance of nature-inspired harmony.

Here, you can find a diverse variety of treatments that focus of energetic aspects of your well-being.

In addition to the following, you can arrange many different kinds of "readings."

If you're interested, ask for more information at Enchantment Sedona.

Here are the energy-focused treatments we know well enough to recommend:

  • Mii Amo Spirit
    • Crystals, sounds, herbs, and oils. Sage is used to release and clear negative energy. You will be encouraged to set an intention for the session. Then, chakras are anointed with oils.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Cranial Sacral
    • Very subtle energetic work. It's focus is for balancing the flow of fluid through the head and spine. Highly recommended for people who suffer from neck and back pain, stress, fatigue, or headaches. Beneficial for anyone. Note: Wear comfortable loose clothing for the session.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Reiki
    • This Japanese energy modality awakens your body's natural healing processes. With a focus for attuning the flow of energy, and sensitivity for balanced mind, heart, and body. You will likely feel refreshed. Lighter, somehow. More in-depth Reiki treatments are also available.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150

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Mii Amo Spa at Enchantment Sedona

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