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According to the experts, Mii Amo Spa is:

The #1 Best Destination Spa In The World!

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Featured on this page is a look at the Body Treatments offered at Mii Amo Spa, which rates #1 among all Arizona Resort Spas.


  • Blue Corn Body Polish
    • SedonaMii Amo Lotion Includes Juniper & Orange
    • Corn and minerals are blended in this Mii Amo signature treatment, to exfoliate and purify. After a shower, enjoy a refreshing application of Mii Amo's nourishing body lotion. You'll be glowing as you're going on your way.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Herbal Detoxification Wrap
    • A body dry-brush. Then, herbally infused sheets cacoon the body to encourage a "sweat bath." Then, light body work and lymphatic drainage. This is total systematic detoxification!
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Sedona Clay Wrap
    • SedonaMii Amo Lotion Includes Juniper & Orange
    • Feel grounded and glow, with this Sedona AZ mineral-rich clay that's infused with other skin enhancing ingredients. Followed by a shower and signature Mii Amo lotion application.
    • 60/90 minutes
    • $150/$220
  • Rosemary Body Scrub
    • On the Vichy table, you'll enjoy the waterfall of seven showerheads, a full body scrub with sea salts, sugar, and magnesium crystals. Then, a fresh rosemary lotion with rejuvenated enzymes is applied. Recommended for dull, dry, or sun-damaged skin.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Jojoba Butter Wrap
    • Exfoliation followed by jojoba and shea butter application. A warm blanket wrap for deep penetration. A 90 minute treatment includes a 30 minute massage.
    • 60/90 minutes
    • $150/$220

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