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Following is an in-depth look at the kinds of ayurvedic sedona spa experiences available at Mii Amo Spa.


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Ayur = Science. Veda = Life. Ayurveda is Sanskrit for 5,000 year old "science of life" practices.

"Doshas" are fundamental mind/body principles that are believed to create our characteristics.

Ayurvedic practices and treatments support keeping the 3 Doshas, Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha, balanced.

Enchantment Sedona offers an impressive array of life-energy insights and treatments according with the way of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Sedona spa treatments can inform, nourish, and promote your well-being and continue to benefit your life, long after the therapies are complete. Forever? Maybe.

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
    • Enchantment recommends this as a good way to familiarize yourself with Ayurveda. You'll receive in-depth insights about your particular dosha type and suggestions for simple ways to improve your whole life wellness by aligning it with new practices that are aligned with your doshic balance needs.
    • 60/90 minutes
    • $150/$220
  • Ayurvedic Facial Therapy
    • Massage for skin that will glow from within. More ritual than traditional. With attention to face, scalp, hands, and arms with warm oils. Facial cleanse, mask and hydrating natural serums. All for your particular skin type.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Ayurvedic Facial Therapy with Shirodhara
    • Follow a facial therapy with this slow pouring of warm oil onto your forehead.
    • 90 minutes
    • $220
  • Abhyanga
    • Traditional full body treatment, with the simultaneous "light" touch of two therapists working together for synchronicity.
    • 60 minutes
    • $300
  • Abhyanga and Shirodhara
    • Follow the Abhyanga (above) with the traditional pouring of warm oil on the forehead.
    • 90 minutes
    • $370
  • Simply Shirodhara
    • The steady stream of warm oil flowing on the forehead is profoundly relaxing. You might even bliss out, in a subtle way. This treatment is complimented with a mini-facial.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Vedic Meditation
    • Enchantment recommends combining this with the consultation (first item on this list) for profoundly beneficial effects. Proper meditation can relax you, relieve you of stress, free you from old patterns, and perhaps, improve the rest of your life.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Ayurvedic Sedona Yoga
    • Learn poses, breathing, and meditation techniques that are aligned with bringing your mind and body into healthful balance.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment
    • Dry-brushing of the skin, exfoliation. Indian herbs for detoxification, nourishment. Massage with oil appropriate for your Dosha-type. Completed with a body wrap in steaming herbal sheets, while your head and neck are massaged.
    • 90/120 minutes
    • $220/$300
  • Anasazi Ubtan
    • This is a signature treatment at Enchantment Resort, blending "magical" Southwestern herbs with Ayurvedic wisdom. Skin is massaged to remove excess oil and purify. After a shower, Mii Amo's own Juniper Orange Spice Lotion refreshes the body, leaving it supple and naturally refreshed.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150
  • Dosha Balancing Wrap
    • Aromatic Indian oils are specifically chosen for your Dosha type. After a dry-brushing of the skin, the oils and applied with a traditional massage. Completed with a whole-body warm herbal sheet wrap, and massage for your head and neck.
    • 60 minutes
    • $150

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