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Featured Sedona Trails - Boynton Canyon

A Box Canyon. A Gift. A Story With A Joyful Ending.

Hiking Sedona AZ. Favorite Sedona Hikes.

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The Boynton Canyon trail offers hikers a box canyon experience. It's a moderately challenging 3 hour hike that doesn't have the sweeping, wide-open kind of vistas that many other Sedona trails offer.

But then, --having earned it!-- you can enjoy one of Sedona's most phenomenal wilderness amphitheaters, from a prime viewing location. This is a terrific spot to have a rest, soak in the sun, and maybe have a picnic before your return.

The journey to end of the canyon is a dramatic story unfolding in and of itself, and your own delight can be its slow building, cumulative climax. Savor the close-up canyon views, glimpses of the wild critters, and the majesty and variety of flowers, cacti, shubs and trees. Some of these (the alligator junipers) are 2000 years old.

Keep your eyes open for white-tailed deer, ravens, javelina, rabbits, and canyon wren (Arizona's state bird).

Boynton Canyon has been heralded as the sacred birth place of the Yavapai Apache Tribe, the observance of which continues to be honored by modern tribespeople, and many locals and visitors. Annually, there is an organized celebration of gratitude and rememberance.

Kindly keep this lovely area just as you see it. For example, it would not be appropriate to pick up pieces of pottery, or to rearrange stones along these trails.

Top Sedona Hikes - Boynton Canyon Details

Hiking Sedona AZ. Top 5 Sedona Hiking Trails.

OpenAll seasons.
Length3 miles (6 miles round trip).
RatingEasy to Moderate.
Hiking TimeFrom 3 to 4 hours for the full round trip.
Elevation Change500 feet.
GPSN34° 54' 26.388" ; W 111° 50' 55.2114" W
AccessFrom Hwy 89A in West Sedona, turn north onto Dry Creek Road, and continue for about 3 miles to a stop sign where you'll turn left onto Boynton Canyon Road. Keep straight until the next stop sign at Boynton Pass Road. Turn right and find the parking area (1/10th of a mile up) on the right.
FeesParking is permitted with any Red Rock Pass. This trailhead has a self-serve kiosk where you can purchase the pass onsite, if you don't already have one. Be sure to display it in the windshield of the vehicle in order to avoid getting a fine.

Sedona Trails - Further Insight Into Boynton Canyon

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Most hikers turn around at the midway point, which gives a satisfying taste of the canyon. This is when the trail progresses from very easy to moderately challenging.

If you would like to continue on, you will descend toward the heart of the canyon, and might enjoy exploring the mysteries of several unmarked side trails.

At the very end of the one-way, the trail becomes a bit steep and slick. Negotiate your balance carefully here. Then, pinch yourself to be sure you're not dreaming this wonderful panoramic reward.

TIP: Since this begins as a very popular hike, you might start early, and/or hike during a weekday in order to "sidestep" a crowed trail scenario.

TIP: There's an option along this Sedona hiking trail to detour to the aptly named Vista Trail, which is just below an easily recognizable spire rock formation called Kachina Woman. It's about 0.5 mile round trip. If you're up for it, we highly recommend it.

For more info, stop by the Coconino National Forest - Red Rock District Ranger service center. Or, call these friendly and knowledgeable folks at 928-282-4119.

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Sedona Trails - Where's The Boynton Canyon Trail?

Hiking Sedona AZ. Favorite Sedona Hikes.

SedonaBoynton Canyon Trail Location Courtesy of © Coconino National Forest - Red Rock District

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