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Featured Sedona Hikes - Courthouse Butte Loop

This Hike Rocks! In More Ways Than One...

Hiking Sedona AZ. Favorite Sedona Trails.

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Hiking in Sedona on this trail means actually circling the monumentally impressive Courthouse Butte as part of the 4 mile journey. This hike offers a wonderful way to experience some of the area's best known and most spectacular scenery, including various forms of the "must-see" Red Rock Sedona AZ.

Among many Sedona hikes, we rate this one among our Top 5, especially for its stand out variety of views.

At one point, further along from the butte, you'll be able to enjoy a vista which includes Courthouse and Bell Rock in one glorious panorama. You can also have another long gander (more distant but still terrific) at Cathedral Rock. And, enjoy partial visual of Muffin Rock (aka Space Rock).

The kind of natural beauty this hike offers is so rarely seen elsewhere in the world, that it might just seem like you're on another planet.

Many hikers with a spiritual penchant believe Courthouse Butte (aka Karma Rock) is a sacred place where one can contemplate forgiveness and the justice of karma.

Thusly, one aligns with the natural way of divinity and "gives up" carrying negative feelings toward others.

Some folks report the experience is palpably refreshing. And, that the "lightness" they come away with stays with them long after the hike.

Top Sedona Hikes - Courthouse Butte Details

Hiking Sedona AZ. Favorite Sedona Hikes.

OpenAll seasons.
Length4.2 miles.
Hiking TimeFrom 2.5 to 4 hours total.
Elevation Change250 feet.
GPS34° 47.501' N; 111° 45.6999' W
Access38 miles south of Flagstaff. The trailhead is located in Sedona's Village of Oak Creek area, about 6 miles south of the "Y" (where 89A and 179 meet). From HWY 179, take the short road for Bell Rock Vista, at milepost 307 (left side, if you're driving south). Start this hike at the Bell Rock Pathway Trail, from the north end of the parking lot. Then continue 0.5 mile to a trail intersection where you'll see the Courthouse Butte Loop sign.
FeesParking is permitted with any Red Rock Pass. If you don't have one yet, you can get it there at the self-serve kiosk.

Sedona Hikes - Courthouse Butte Trails Tips

Favorite Sedona Trails. Hiking Sedona AZ.

TIPS: Here are a few more insights from locals and Sedona hiking enthusiasts.

1. This trail is mostly unshaded, so it can get very hot during summer days. Bring plenty of water. Always recommended, but even more so, here.

2. There's also an option to do a short and sweet one mile hike at the off-shoot called Big Park Trail.

3. Part of the trail is very wide. People doing the Bell Rock hike can even comfortably bring baby strollers. Once you segue onto the the part of the trail that circles Courthouse Butte, though, it's certainly "single-track" and affords a bit of shade and solitude.

5. For more info, stop by the Coconino National Forest - Red Rock District Ranger service center. Or, call these friendly and knowledgeable folks at 928-282-4119.

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Sedona Hikes - Where's The Courthouse Butte Loop?

Hiking Sedona AZ. Favorite Sedona Hikes.

SedonaCourthouse Butte Loop Trail Location Courtesy of © Coconino National Forest - Red Rock District

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