Sedona Spas 5: Hilton Sedona Resort Spa

Sedona Spas 5 - The Hilton Sedona Resort Spa offers the largest facilities and widest variety of onsite activities. Multi-part spa review series.

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Familiar and Surprising.

Yes, it's a Hilton, but this is a Sedona Hilton, meaning, you can enjoy plenty of alternative spa therapies and treatments as well as their full range of traditional choices.

The facilities at Hilton Sedona Resort Spa are huge, including a variety of pools, a fitness center, and a salon. Views are wonderful, and the exceptional 18 hole Sedona Golf Resort is a few steps near.

Also very close by is one of our favorites of ALL Sedona restaurants, Dahl & DiLuca Cucina Rustica, where you can enjoy vibrantly rustic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Hilton Sedona Resort Spa
90 Ridge Trail Drive
Sedona, AZ 86351
928-284-4040 (local) | 800-445-8667 (general)

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SedonaPhoto Courtesy & © Hilton Sedona Resort Spa


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