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Sedona Flights - 3 Ways To Enjoy Aerial Red Rock Sedona Views On Your Sedona AZ Vacation

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Red Rock Sedona and the surrounding regions offer a phenomenal variety of vistas from the air. There are over 100 different kinds of tours available, ranging from 15 minute local jaunts to full-day combo excursions.

Sedona tour rates start at about $70 per person for helicopter, sky safari planes. Bi-planes start at about $120.

All of these can be extended and/or combined with other kinds of adventures, and even customized according with your specific requests.

For example, you can enjoy a full day of off-roading and flying. Or combine Sedona AZ Grand Canyon tours, with a Skywalk experience, helicopter ride into the canyon, and a pontoon boat ride.

Because there are so many tours to choose from, we've created a series of simple pages that highlight the tours that stand out most according to feedback from Sedona AZ vacationers and locals.

SedonaLocal Bi-Plane Tour | Photo Courtesy of © Sedona Air Tours

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Bi-Plane Sedona Flights

Flying in a bi-plane means flying in open-air! You'll sit up front in a new reproduction model of a historical classic double-winged aircraft with an expert aviator guiding the plane from the seat behind.

Local Bi-Plane Rides by Sedona Air Tours

The Classic Tour


20 Minutes

$119 Per Person (for Two)

$190 For A Single Passenger


  • Bell Rock
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Lee Mountain
  • Wilson Mountain
  • Mund's Canyon
  • Devil's Kitchen
  • And Thunder Mountain

The Mystic Canyon Tour


30 Minutes

$149 Per Person (for Two)

$250 For A Single Passenger


  • Broken Arrow
  • Chapel Rock
  • Bear Wallow Canyon
  • Mount Wilson
  • The Three Nuns Red Rock Formation
  • And the north, up Oak Creek Canyon

The Grand Adventure Tour


45 Minutes

$199 Per Person (for Two)

$325 For A Single Passenger


  • The Verde Valley
  • The Ghost Town Area of Jerome
  • The Former Sinagua Native American Cliff Dwellings
  • And EVERYTHING Else Listed Above

Reservations & Directions

Sedona Air Tours

Reservation required. All bi-plane adventures are arranged by contacting Sedona Air Tours.

Sedona Air Tours
1225 Airport Road, #14
Sedona, AZ 86336
928-204-5939 | 888-866-7433

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