Sedona Arizona Airport & Flying Into The Area

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Sedona Arizona Airport & Arrivals Guide

Located 500 feet above town, the local airport area is probably most famous, among Sedona AZ vacation lovers, for its mesa overlook. It's a popular sunset viewing spot with wide vistas of Thunder Mountain, Snoopy Rock, Capitol Butte, and Coffee Pot Rock. There's also a mini-hiking spot that leads to a major Sedona vortex.

The Sedona Arizona Airport, itself, functions as a facility that serves small aircraft activity, mostly for tours and also for a few affluent and adventuresome private jet-setters. There are no commercial public flights into Sedona.

So how do you fly in?

Sedona Tourism Info

Flying Into The Area

Flying a private aircraft into Sedona's SEZ? Click here to jump.

If you're not flying a private plane into Sedona Arizona Airport, there's going to be a bit of driving involved before you arrive in Sedona AZ.

You CAN fly into the area. Currently, there's ONE "every-man" way to do it: With Horizon Air, from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Flagstaff's Pulliam Field Airport (FLG). The flight time is about 1.5 hours.

COST: With a bit of notice, fares are usually less than $100, One Way, $200 Round Trip. You can save more when you book 2-3 weeks in advance.

International travelers might fly into LAX and add this short flight onto the itinerary.

Many visitors fly into Sky Harbor, the Phoenix International Airport (PHX), which is about 1.5 to 2 hrs drive from Sedona.

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TIP: Did you know… Many people take an airport shuttle service into Sedona, then either rent a car, etc. Or, use one of the many cheap / free transport options, described elsewhere on this site:

  • Sedona Trolley - $12
  • Sedona RoadRunner - Free
  • Free Shuttle, provided by many Sedona AZ lodging spots
  • Free Personal Driver, provided by a few Sedona lodging Venues

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The "U.S.S. Sedona" aka Sedona Airport & SEZ

When folks noticed the resemblance of the Sedona Airport mesa to an aircraft carrier, it got the nickname, "U.S.S. Sedona." And, since it's one of the most (THE most?) scenic airports in the America, lots of pilots agree… the log book must included, "SEZ."

Flying into Sedona is a delightful experience. The airport itself offers a 100' wide runway, plenty of "tie downs," hangar availability, a fully functional gps landing system, and good weather reporting. Expect good fuel services, and well maintained taxi ways and runways too.

For more info, contact Mac McCall, the airport manager. He's accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Sedona Airport Authority
235 Air Terminal Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336
Airport Manager, Mac McCall


Here are the basics, as listed on

Airport ID: SEZ

Lat: 34° 50.92' N

Long: 111° 47.31' W

Runway Weight Limit: 60,000 lbs.

Unicom: 123.0

AWOS: 118.525 (928-282-1993)

Field Elevation: 4827 MSL

Pattern Altitude: 6000' MSL

Heavy and Turbine A/C: 7000' MSL

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Sedona Arizona Airport & Flying Into The Area

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