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Fun Ways To Explore The Red Rock Sedona Splendor

Sedona Car Rentals With Style - A Variety of Ways To Explore Sedona AZ Land and Scenery

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Glorious Sedona AZ land... it's an evergreen high desert forest where the simple act of "getting around" can become a spontaneous adventure. The views are astounding from everywhere around here. So, naturally, all this Red Rock Sedona splendor makes for fun explorations.

Unique Ways To Enjoy The Ride

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Have You Considered Motoring Around Sedona On A Moped?

We Love Scoot Around Sedona Rentals

Here's a local stand out offering we highly recommend: Family owned and operated…

Scoot Around Rentals

We love this place for its easy-going and reliable service, and especially, for the fun selection of mopeds. They come in every color of the rainbow, with a full range of engine sizes and types.

What a great idea!

Inspired by an Italian vacation years ago, the owners, Mark and Jill, decided to offer Sedona AZ vacation lovers (and locals) some…

budget friendly

fuel efficient


and super cool

…ways to get around.

You can find everything from classic Vespas to Kawasakis. Plus electric and gasoline powered bicycles. And lots more.

You can even rent full-power off-road-ready Jeeps and quads.

Meet these folks and you'll see… they love what they do. My personal experience with them has been awesome.

They're ready share their friendly in-the-know insights with you so you can drive, bike, or scoot well on your way to discovering the parts of Sedona that offer the best views and vibes.

Ask them how to find the sweetest spots. They know. Find your kind of Sedona AZ vacation fun. From the bumpiest, bone-rattling off-road trails, to the most visually stunning and easy-riding paved ways… however you do it… enjoy the ride!

Contact Info & Directions

Scoot Around Rentals
2900 W Hwy 89A
Sedona, AZ 86336

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