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Sedona AZ tours offer a terrific variety of ways to explore Red Rock Sedona and the surrounding regions. Several local air tours are available for bird's-eye-views of the Red Rocks, Coconino National Forest, Oak Creek Canyon, and nearby sacred Native American sites.

You'll also find lots of choices for combination tours. For example, plane, helicopter, pontoon boat, and 4 x 4 Jeep or Hummer experiences can be put together with with Sedona AZ Grand Canyon Tours, Lake Powell Tours, Monument Valley Tours, etc.

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Sedona AZ Tours Sky Safari

Exploring The Red Rocks & Surrounding Areas

There are over 100 tours from which to choose, so we've put together a series of simple pages that highlight the stand out offerings.

  • Most Affordable
  • Most Scenic
  • Most Romantic
  • And Full-Power "Once-in-a-Lifetime" Excursions
SedonaSky Safari Plane at Sedona Airport | Photo © Sedona Air Tours

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Sedona AZ Tours Sky Safari Style

Created by Sedona AZ vacation lovers, following is a look at the 4 favorite tried-and-true fun Sky Safari tour offerings.

We hope these lists make it easy for you to find what interests you most.

Sedona AZ Tours Sky Safari

Local Sky Safari Air Tours

Lost Canyon Tour


20 Minutes

$69 Per Person (Minimum of 2 People)

Fly above:

  • Sinagua Native American Historical Areas
  • Devil's Kitchen Area
  • The Chapel of the Holy Cross

Secret Canyon Tour


30 Minutes

$89 Per Person (Minimum of 2 People)

Fly above:

  • West Fork
  • Slide Rock
  • Sterling Canyon
  • Chapel Rock
  • Secret Canyon
  • And more

Sycamore Canyon Tour


45 Minutes

$109 Per Person (Minimum of 2 People)

Includes aerial views of the areas listed above, plus, the Sycamore Canyon area, also known as "The Little Grand Canyon."

The Regional Sky Safari Air Tour We Love Most

Grand Canyon & Skywalk Adventure

SedonaSkywalk © Sedona Air Tours
This is a Sedona AZ Grand Canyon Tours Combo - Plane, Helicopter, River Boat & Skywalk.


About 5 Hours

$429 Per Person

After departing from Sedona Airport, you'll fly west and see all Sedona including Sycamore Canyon. From there you'll...

  • See the Grand Canyon West by plane
  • Arrive at the Grand Canyon Airport
  • Hop on a helicopter and be transported to the bottom of the canyon
  • Take a narrated Pontoon Boat trip along the Colorado River
  • See more of the canyon via helicopter return
  • Enjoy lunch prepared by the Hualapai Tribe while enjoying the canyon views
  • Return by plane and enjoy more Red Rock Sedona views

This tour includes time at the new engineering marvel, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass-bottom pathway suspended 4000 feet above the river, with gorgeous views of the canyon. Wow!

Reservations & Directions

Sedona Air Tours

Reservations are required for Sky Safari Adventures with Sedona Air Tours.

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Sedona AZ Tours Sky Safari

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