A Family On A Budget Has 3 Great Days In Sedona

by The Lopez Family
(Tempe, Arizona)

Quail Babies

Quail Babies

We had been thinking about visiting Sedona for a long time. We'd heard about how beautiful it is and that it's a spiritual place, so we were curious, but honestly, we didn't think we could afford it.

But then, we found sedonahappy.com and decided to try the White House Inn since you said it costs about sixty dollars a day. We are so glad we did.

We got one of the upstairs rooms you recommended. It did have a really good view. And we used the microwave and refrigerator for our breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. The kids are growing and eating all the time, so shopping at Safeway saved us a bundle.

We thought people would like to know about the cheap and good places we ate, and about the fun things we did that were free.

For dinner, we tried Cafe Jose and Red Planet Diner. And we had one very big breakfast at Coffee Pot Restaurant because we heard it was fun and historic. It was. The food and service and people were great everywhere we went.

They told us where to hike and where to drive around to see the sights. We went to the Airport overlook for sunset. We hiked a short trail in Boynton canyon. We drove up and down Oak Creek.

We visited Slide Rock park, which cost us a few dollars, but we spent half the day here. We also took the trolley and met other families visiting Sedona and visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

We lit candles and read about the history of how and why the chapel was created. My husband and sons were impressed by how it was built into the red rocks. I think this is where we felt the spiritual part of Sedona the most.

We saw a family of quails and we heard some coyotes howling one night. We didn't see any javelinas, but we hope we will when we come back. We are definitely coming back. We'll be saving up for a jeep tour for the boys next time.

Until we found your web sit, we had thought Sedona was all very upscale and out of reach for us. As a family of four, we spent 3 days and 2 nights in Sedona for under $450, including the gas for the drive from Phoenix.

I'm writing this to say thank you for giving us the information about how a family can afford to visit Sedona and to let other families know it really is possible to have fun on a budget. If we did, so can you!

Linda Lopez and Family

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